Ciao! Ti presentiamo il MicroCHOC®.

Il primo cioccolatino interattivo e multimediale al mondo, creato artigianalmente in Italia con le migliori qualità di cacao mono-origine.

Grazie al suo design iconico, che rimanda istantaneamente alla tecnologia computerizzata, favorisce la comprensione delle sue innovative funzionalità.

Infatti permette la condivisione di originali contenuti multimediali demandati al cliente o per il cliente, con molteplici finalità d’utilizzo, sia per il mercato B2B che B2C.

Regala una emozione, regala MicroCHOC® !

Le immagini sono puramente indicative e potrebbero pertanto non essere perfettamente rappresentative del packaging, delle caratteristiche del prodotto, differendo per colori, dimensioni o contenuto.

How it works

Are you a Private individual? A Company?

With your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can access our platform and create your own multimedia content.

The platform will be launched in 2022 and you will be able to order your MicroCHOC® online.

1) CREATE your multimedia content: upload your photos, movies and text messages to share with your loved ones, or for your customers.

2) ORDER chocolates: your multimedia messages will be stored on our server as confidential QR-code metadata and encrypted with high standards of privacy protection.

3) SEND MicroCHOCs® to whoever you want.

The embossed DESIGN®, similar to a “microchip“, is readable as a Marker AR, which allows you to view exclusive virtual content superimposed on real images.

The camera on your smartphone/tablet will recognise the marker design of the chocolate and allow you to superimpose the virtual contents onto the real context, without downloading any additional Apps, before you can happily enjoy the MicroCHOC®.

Each MicroCHOC® has imprinted your QR-code directly on the chocolate base using innovative laser marking systems in our artisan production laboratories.

Art Series

Coming soon!

Art and Innovation are part of MicroCHOC’s DNA.

In essence, what we present to the world is a work of art, and dark chocolate is our sharing element that includes digital author content authenticated with NFT – blockchain technology.

This collection is perfect for important gifts and special events, for collectors of art and new brands.

The images are purely indicative and may therefore not be fully representative of the packaging, the characteristics of the product, differing in color, dimensions or content.

MicroCHOC® Art Series by Laconi Carlo Salvatore III

About us

MicroCHOC® is a project born in 2017, conceived by the creative vision of the artist and glocal designer Laconi Carlo Salvatore III.

We are a close-knit, heterogeneous team, formed in a constantly evolving technological society and we believe that it is important to strengthen the ties between people by allowing them to share those messages, those values, that make them unique.

The MicroCHOC® reflects on the true ethical product we are marketing, namely our future social relationships: a technological chocolate, like a sublime contradiction, that gives us a taste of the deeper meaning of our age.

Thanks to an innovative and multimedia chocolate, we can experience the same emotions, even when we are far away.

MicroCHOC® is a 20 gram bar of pure chocolate, made with high quality raw materials, selected among Italian and international typicality, produced by the wise artisan workshops of Shockino S.r.l. handmade in Italy.

The distinctive feature of MicroCHOC® is its iconic, technological design with multimedia features (AR markers / QR-code ) that allows us all to communicate our most important messages to whoever we want.

Before you taste our MicroCHOC®, you can get excited with its exclusive content.

In 2017 it received the Special Mention of the National Business Idea Competition “New Work“, promoted by the Lions Foundation for Work Italy – Onlus, and in the same year it was presented as an innovative sculptural chocolate at the CioccolArt Sicily Festival 2017 in Forza d’Agrò.

In 2020, the MicroCHOC® – Microchip&Chocolate project passed the validation process of the Insight 2020 public tender promoted by Sardegna Ricerche.

Currently, MicroCHOC® is being developed by the homonymous Start-up, which takes care of all aspects related to the research, production and marketing of a novel high added value product.

Referenti: CEO – Carlo Salvatore Laconi / CFOO – Marianna Carboni / CIO – Giuseppe Serafi